Peat harvesting with Peatmax peat equipment

Peatmax is the world's leading peat machine manufacturer. Our main plant in Finland is located in Seinäjoki.

Our strong peat machine development started in early 1970's and is continuing strongly.

Our own designed product range consist of over 30 different peat machine models and field maintenance machines. Peatmax is also part of machine building group Tampereen Konepajat Oy which employes over 200 machine desinging and building professionals.

Peat machines: Service and Spare Parts

Peatmax has a large spare parts warehouse. We can supply different spare parts quicky for all of our peat machines.


Peat Millers

Passive miller is fast and efficient peat miller for soft bogs with no trees. 

Production miller's milling elements can be tailored into producion unit fot the customer's needs.

Passive and production millers


Peat Ridgers

Peatmax's ridgers consists of Milled Peat Ridger JVK-9HPN and Screening Sod Peat Ridger PSK-4.

Peat ridgers


Field equipment

Peatmax offers three different field equipment machines: Fire Extinguishing Trailer PSPV-4000, Firefigher PVS-300 and Small Wood Collector KPK-3.

Field equipment